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Concrete Overlay in Santa Rosa, CA

Concrete Overlay in Santa Rosa, CA

For the most part, when a homeowner considers a decorative concrete overlay, they are doing so for two reasons. One being beauty, decorative concrete overlay systems can mimic many different looks and there are so many choices in terms of patterns, colors, and designs. The other reason is cost, resurfacing concrete as opposed to replacing or using another type of floor covering can usually result in savings for the homeowner, and a better-valued product to boot. LA Diaz Concrete is a professional concrete contractor that you need in Santa Rosa, CA when it comes to concrete overlays.

We also offer stained concrete overlay. A stained concrete overlay is also a good choice of designer flooring. Stained concrete can be installed in both exterior and interior spaces. There is a vast selection of colors to choose from. The finished floors have a clear high gloss coating which gives them a similarity to natural stone. Stained concrete overlays are common in retails shops such as boutiques, hairdressers, and cafes. A stained concrete overlay is an excellent way to bring a bit of style to your outdoor recreational area.

Having in the business for years, we have already mastered our craft in when it comes to concrete work. Our professional team can guarantee you an exceptional line of service when you choose to hire us as your contractor. So, book our services today and be rewarded with a nicely overlaid concrete floor.

Whenever you need a concrete overlay service in Santa Rosa, CA, don’t hesitate to turn to us. LA Diaz Concrete is a licensed and insured concrete construction contractor that you can bank upon. We offer a vast breadth of services at a price that will not break the bank.

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